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Nathalie Lazaric
Nathalie Lazaric

Research Professor at CNRS

Visiting Professor at the University of Gothenburg

35th Annual EAEPE Conference 2023
Power and Empowerment in times of multiple crisis
13-15 September 2023, Leeds, UK.
16th EAEPE Summer School 2023
Economic policy and welfare in a context of high inflation
3-6 July 2023, Rome, Italy.

Director of the CNRS thematic network Déchets, Valeurs et Sociétés
Inaugural workshop, Nice, November 13-15, 2023

Co-Director of the GREDEG structuring project :  TERO - Ecological Transition and Organizational Resilience

Research areas:

- Institutions and behavior: habits, organizational routines, national innovation system, sustainable consumption.
- Knowledge and innovation: ecological innovations, patents and intellectual property rights, research and development, university-industry relationship.

Tel: +33/0 4 93 95 43 88

Mail: nathalie.lazaric@gredeg.cnrs.fr

Website: www.nathalie-lazaric.fr


250, rue Albert Einstein
06560 Valbonne, France

- Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Department of Economy & Society
School of Business, Economics and Law
University of Gothenburg
Box 625, 405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden